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Dr. Ross Dymond, DDS
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Dr. Dymond started his private practice over 30 years ago.  He was born and raised in Hazleton, PA.  After receiving a B.S. in Zoology at The Pennsylvania State University, he attended Temple University where he earned his dental degree.  He then entered the U.S. Army where, for three years, he worked with dental specialists in all phases of dentistry.  After his military training, he began his private practice in Rockville, MD and Baltimore, MD.

He resides with his wife, Bobbi, in Montgomery Village, MD.  Bobbi works in administration at a Social Service Agency.  He has two children who are both married.  Hilary has a degree from the University of Delaware in early childhood development and taught for 6 years in Montgomery County until the birth of her first child, Joshua.  She has another boy, Benjamin, and in addition to being a full-time Mom has her own ZUMBA fitness business.  Her husband, Scott Kamins, who after working at the Departments of Commerce and State, works in Washington, D.C. with Prime Policy Group, a private firm.  Dr. Dymond’s son, Seth, has a B.M. degree in Music Industry from James Madison University, and a J.D. degree from New Your Law School.  He lives with his wife, Jisha, and daughter Shiloh, in New York City.  He practices Appellate Law while Jisha, who also is an attorney, works in Campaign Finance Law.  Dr. Dymond enjoys outdoor activities, especially tennis and golf, and being with his family, especially his grandchildren.

Dr. Dymond is always endeavoring to improve his clinical and communication skills.  He is excited about the recent developments in dental technology and strives to deliver the highest quality care to his patients. Dr. Dymond has a great sense of humor that has contributed to his success and in creating a comfortable environment for his patients.

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